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This “blue-eyed soul” starlet formerly known for her inimitable belting, now mostly known for her bloating, is rumored to have gotten some of the hottest samples from the industry’s biggest hit makers– and we’re just not referring to the “samples” that come with copyrights and residuals…



Known for turning many a high profile producer’s studio into her steamy boudoir, this blonde’s skin may not be “cafe au lait” but she’s quick to ask in exchange for Grammy-bait singles “Voulez-vous Couche’ avec-moi?” What makes this all the more distasteful is the star’s confusing, hypocritical, unmotivated prejudice: while happily slopping up every black stallion with Pro Tools, the pint sized balladeer is herself mixed race yet to caucasian friends with an open ear, she finds every excuse to use racial slurs to describe her production paramours. 

Who Is She? **NOT the woman displayed in the picture below, only used for supplemental visual aide**