Seeking writers, bloggers, and anonymous insider tips for new Celebrity Gossip Blog. this blog will be part gossip headlines, part tabloid prophecy, part fanfiction/shipping, part historical/autobiographical fiction, part RPG creative writing, part fantasy, part confessional, part rumor: the facts are always stranger than fiction yet memory is selective, subjective, elusive– and an embellishment can be “truer than true”…Disguised as a blind item gossip blog, This collective writing project will really be an experimental, experiential, multimedia deconstruction of celebrity obsessed culture and the mythologies we as people make of our authority figures and celebrities and, in the age of reality tv, by extension we make gods of ourselves…

seeking talented creative writers capable of weaving incredible and truly poignant stories from shreds of fact found within the realm of tabloid conjecture….we weave the headlines, then create backstories and novellas to illustrate the drama “between the lines”

also a team of regular writers who care to create a network of freelancing contributors to blog about…anything in the art world as it pertains to and effects psychology, sociology, lifestyle and community. I want to make this a group effort, almost to the level of social network but really intimate and steady circle of contributors with a common passion– and truly keen eye– for analysing pop culture and a common enthusiasm for finding out the latest celeb news

Please, as this idea is an ambitious and convoluted one, please contact for more details and to submit your ideas and support.

where black market journalism meets fanfiction

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